The title of the email says it: “Delgani Welcomes Supserstar Violinist Anthea Kreston.” Wyatt True, who has been first violinist of the Delgani Quartet, stepped aside from that to concentrate on being the Quartet’s executive director. The Delgani Quartet searched nationally for a new first violinist. They chose Anthea, and she chose them. I am delighted; Anthea is a truly exciting musician. With Anthea, the Delgani Quartet,, already regarded by many as the finest chamber music ensemble in Oregon, will give us all an awesome set of quartet performances this year and – I hope – for many years to come.

The Delgani have given some excellent Camerata concerts. But their own concert series is becoming more established. They don’t need us any more, and may not want to prepare an extra concert beyond their subscription series, so we may not get them in our series this year. Their series in 2021-22 includes four concerts, presented in Eugene, Salem, and Portland. The first Salem concert – presuming the pandemic allows – will be October 30 at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 5090 Center Street. Season tickets are available now at their website I have ordered my tickets! – George Struble